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From The Desk Of Jeff Anderson
Re: How to make money as an affiliate seller of my self defense programs!

Hello my friend and future business partner! Thank you for taking the time to check out my affiliate program!

If you're ready to make some serious money online, then this will be the most important letter you've ever read!

Bottom line...the self defense market is one of the FASTEST GROWING MARKETS on the internet and yet the most underdeveloped!

That means a HUGE opportunity for you and I!

Strong affiliate relationships are the most important factor to the success of my business that began back in 2002 in the fitness market and I work hard to provide you with the very best tools I can create to help build your own business by selling my products.

That's the kind of success that I want to share with YOU by teaming up to provide you with the tools necessary to change lives...including YOURS!

"Yes! I Want To Become An Affiliate!
What Am I Selling?"

We are hard at work at repackaging over 5 years of quality content into new and exciting products to offer your website visitors and ezine subscribers on topics of everything from "street fighting" to "urban survival"!

As an experienced martial artist AND an accomplished program developer/marketer, you can be sure that the leads you send over well taken care of...and convert into a steady income for YOU!.

Perhaps the best part is that with your signup as my affiliate "partner", you get access to some of the net's most popular self defense programs to sell to your website visitors, newsletter subscribers and pay-per-click prospects...all from ONE SINGLE AFFILIATE ACCOUNT!

That means that when one of your referrals signs up for a SECOND or THIRD program ...you get credit for the sale no matter what product they purchased in the beginning!

That means if you market Product 1 but they end up buying Product 2 from an entirely different website of mine...you STILL get credit for the referral!

Here are some of the programs you'll find inside the Affiliate Zone after signing up:

  1. Street Fighting Uncaged - Mixed Martial Arts vs. Street Fighting: Which will win! ($47 w/$67 upsell)
  2. Home Invasion Defense (Coming Soon) - An attacker is in your home! Now what?
  3. Social Chaos Survival (Coming Soon) - How to protect yourself & family during lawlessness & disorder

Plus...you'll have access to 3 new product launches scheduled for 2010!

There is no physical product shipped. All products are in digital form, and sold completely online. After customers purchase the product, they are sent to a webpage with simple step-by-step instructions on how to download it.

Refund rates on my programs are also very low. I offer great quality, cutting edge content, and great value. That includes a structured follow up email sequence to continue to work for your sale long after they've visited any of my websites you promote.

"What Support Do You Offer Your Affiliates?"

I realize that to promote my fitness programs you need the 2 things: the tools to entice your visitors and subscribers to visit my websites; and a quality sales page that converts your traffic to buyers (and commissions!).

Let's face it, as "partners", if you don't make any money, I don't make any money! So I do everything in my power to help you turn your traffic into dollars in your pocket!

Here are some of the tools I offer my affiliates...

  • Whopping 75% Commission Rate -- I know that the only thing that will get you to market my programs above others is to pay you well. That's why I offer the highest commission ClickBank will allow!
  • Back Ends & Upsells - Remember...my affiliate software allows you to earn commissions not only from the product you initially marketed, but with a series of backend products and "deluxe packages" for them to buy, you continue to get paid even AFTER the first sale!
  • Articles, Articles, Articles - You need content for your newsletter and website, right? Well, as my affiliate, you'll have access to all of my latest original articles to publish for promotion of my products.
  • Video Articles - One of my "signature" content pieces, my video articles are a great way to offer multi-media content to your list and site visitors to "wow" them with something different!
  • Free eBook Giveaways - By offering your list my free viral marketing ebooks, you can turn your leads into "lead generators" as they share the info!
  • Live & Pre-Recorded Interviews - Provide your followers with great content in multimedia format! All you do is offer them a "seat" at one of our events and let us do the selling while they learn valuable survival skills!
  • Banner Ads - If you have a location on your site for banner ads, I can get you set up with some proven ads for drawing in leads! Custom sizes available upon request.
  • Cookie Tracking For 60 Days -- Let's face it, most people don't buy from a site right away. That's why my system tracks your leads for a full 60 days to make sure that when they return, you STILL get credit for the referral...and the commission!

"Jeff, I'm Sold! I Want To Be An Affiliate!
How Do I Sign Up?"

To join my affiliate program, you must first sign-up with ClickBank and get your ClickBank ID "nickname". It is totally FREE and only takes about one minute to join.

If You Need To Open A ClickBank Account,
Watch The "How To" Video Below And The CLICK HERE

When you have a Clickbank ID, come back and enter your information into the form below. After you have your code you can choose from the various marketing tools I've made to help you bring in more clicks and more sales .

Once You Have A ClickBank Account,
Fill In This Special Affiliate Sign-Up Form...

ClickBank ID:
You should *NOT* use the same password as your Clickbank account.
This password is for you to access your affiliate stats and resources and is
DIFFERENT from Clickbank's login password

Privacy Statement: Your data will never be rent, sold or displayed to anyone, period!

To Your Success,

Jeff Anderson




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